Friday, May 31, 2013

Should Obamacare be the new standard that failures are measured against?

Asked by Melissa at 31 May,2013
Using the Titanic as the standard is getting to be a bit dated. From now on instead of saying "it was a failure of titanic proportions", we should say "it was a failure of Obamacare proportions".

Best Answer:
Maurice at 31 May,2013
I don't think that's fair. There are many total failures that aren't nearly as bad as Obamacare will be. I think you're setting the benchmark unattainably low for future failures.

was the Founding Fathers really pot-smoking hippies?

Asked by Stevens friend at 31 May,2013
Kevin is trying to convince me that the Founding Fathers were pot-smoking hippies.

Best Answer:
Waine at 31 May,2013
They were "Classic liberalism" but that is nothing like today's liberal. Some of them smoked but the weed of the day was nothing like today weed. A handful of them would be seen as liberal or hippy by our standards, but most of them would come across as radical hardcore puritan christian conservatives(because that what they were).

Why do republican men care so much about what homosexuals and women do?

Asked by Magus, the only real Prophet at 31 May,2013

Best Answer:
Bill_the_Dog at 31 May,2013
it's gonna take a few minutes for the cons to answer this...first they have to get out of their "hot lesbian action" porn sites

To the fans of government regulation... Do you think the government is more qualified to regulate?

Asked by Bill Lumbergh at 31 May,2013
an industry than the industry itself, combined with consumer choice?

Best Answer:
u_bin_called at 31 May,2013
Depends on what you mean by "government".... Do you mean responsible servants accountable to an educated electorate? Or do you mean an army of entrenched, self-serving bureaucrats? Because you do know that opposing the punitive regulation from the latter does not automatically mean that I oppose ALL regulation from the former.... right?

How are republicans pro family when they're actively working to destroy gay families?

Asked by Magus, the only real Prophet at 31 May,2013
By pro family they mean conservative white Christian families?

Best Answer:
Nap-Nap Bonaparte at 31 May,2013
They believe in the "Traditional" family. Like, 1600s puritan style family.

Is Ariel Castro a democrat or a republican?

Asked by Tiff at 31 May,2013
The guy who kidnapped those girls in Ohio. Adam Lanza had no political reason to shoot up a school of 20 kids, liberals still tried to connect him to the tea party. Remember? :)

Best Answer:
Phillies926 at 31 May,2013
Who cares? It makes no difference since his crimes weren't politically motivated. Edit: True that! Lanza was another registered democrat. The Fort Hood shooter and the Boston bomber also both praised Obama on their twitter's. Smh

Is Jesus real? How do you know have you seen him before?

Asked by Bifrost at 31 May,2013
Do people actually believe that there actually existed man named "Jesus Christ"? What exactly did he do for you to make your life better? And if this "Jesus" was real then why would he allow humans to kill each other and suffer disease?

Best Answer:
Suzee at 31 May,2013
There was probably a man named Jesus, but I doubt that he was ever called Jesus Christ during his lifetime. I doubt if he knew that GOD magically impregnated his virgin mother and he was he result.. I think he was a prophet. He has not done anything for me, but millions of people believe in him..

True or False? Obama can only talk like a good USA President, Obama can't act like a good USA President?

Asked by Bruce at 31 May,2013

Best Answer:
Nolan at 31 May,2013
it seems true for the first 4 years, now his ineptness is also apparent to the media and after a year or so his ignorant flock might start realizing also that his talk is as phony as his actions have always been

How is the NRA any different than the Taliban, Hezbollah, or PLO?

Asked by Average College Student at 31 May,2013
They both use weapons to terrorize people into seeing things their way. Yet conservative hate these groups. Why?

Best Answer:
Top Source at 31 May,2013
The swastika on the NRA's sacred flag is a slightly diff red from the Islamofascists'.

Why are food stamps at record levels yet we can't feed Marines in Afghanistan 3 hot meals a day?

Asked by joel at 31 May,2013 I see morbidly obese people at grocery stores stocking up on junk food paid for by taxpayers, yet we are cutting meals for Marines serving in war zones. Where are our priorities?

Best Answer:
L.T.M. at 31 May,2013
Well joel, look at the answers from the leftist losers here. It's obvious their priority is keeping their gravy-train on track, the Troops be damned! Unbelievable. My nephew is on his way home from Afghanistan after being wounded by an IED so reading the responses from these morons makes my blood boil!

What will liberals do when Republicans take back congress in 2014 and White House in 2016?

Asked by Bradley at 31 May,2013
Republicans will win midterms in 2014 and a Republican ticket like Rubio/Ryan will win in 2016

Best Answer:
★Å"♡MΛÅ"Ɛ★ at 31 May,2013
That won't happen, but if it did, the "liberals" will refrain from constantly smearing and attacking the new president and trying to play "gotcha" with endless fake scandals.

Why are all Democrats self-proclaimed geniuses?

Asked by Peace be upon you at 31 May,2013
BQ: Why do they get such a Boehner from belittling ppl who disagree with them?

Best Answer:
Misty at 31 May,2013
LOL! That's so true! I think it is because they cannot accept any other opinion. So, they assume that everyone else is just stupid.

would you smoke weed with Thomas Jefferson?

Asked by Stevens friend at 31 May,2013
supposably he would partake of the herb from time to time

Best Answer:
Bobby at 31 May,2013
Yes. I bet he has the best weed stories.

Just out of curiosity what is it about a health care saving account that people don't like?

Asked by Unseen at 31 May,2013
I honestly thought it was a good idea when your born you get a certain amount of money put away for your health that you can spend how you feel you need to spend it. You can add to it or leave the money to your kids when you die. If you run out then their will be help for you. Wouldn't this be much better than Obama care and less intrusive into your life?

Best Answer:
Beaver.Trailer3 at 31 May,2013
What I don't like about it is....$1,275,000 for a kidney transplant....$800.00 for ten stitches.....$203,000 for an emergency appendectomy

Why do republicans want to control women by telling them what to do with their bodies?

Asked by Magus, the only real Prophet at 31 May,2013
So a man can have a parasite removed, but a woman should be stuck?

Best Answer:
PoBoy at 31 May,2013
Look, the GOP could care less about woman's bodies or the "babies." The whole deal is about votes. If the GOP gave a flying rat about "babies" do you really think there would be hundreds of thousands of thrown away children in the foster system waiting for forever families? Sex trafficking in the US? Run aways by the thousands? The GOP and social conservative "agenda" is a bad, bad joke.

Why are conservatives so negative and pessimistic?

Asked by Jogn at 31 May,2013
I thought the majority of them were Christians...

Best Answer:
Dave at 31 May,2013
I never thought of hatred as a disease until I saw how conservatives acted. It must be such a sad existence to have so much hate in your heart.

How come Republicans like socialism so much?

Asked by Sean at 31 May,2013
They claim they support capitalism and economic independence, yet they want a big military which is paid for by taxes, most of them support Social Security and Medicare, which are both socialist programs. They also like having a police force, fire department, and roads, which are also all socialist. So I'll ask again, why do Republicans love socialism? @Eustace: I thought the government's main job was to butt out and let the free market do it's job? Part of socialism is public ownership. In a pure capitalist society, everything would be run for profit. In a pure socialist society, everything would be publicly owned. We have a mix.

Best Answer:
Liv at 31 May,2013
The key is that true socialism would benefit EVERYONE. THAT'S what offends Republicans. They only like handouts when Republicans get them.

Who do you think packs up and leaves first. Obama or Holder.?

Asked by White Water at 31 May,2013
I am leaning more the Holder way. Then Obama. All before the end of next year. Our poster Zuma at best is a cheap racist, at the worst a full blown BIGOT. Whats a matter. You afraid to come out of your closet. Your showing your true color pale yellow one.

Best Answer:
CrazyHorse at 31 May,2013
It would certainly be great if they both would just hold hands and walk out together. But we know that isn't going to happen. Obama will sacrafice Holder. Then fight to hang on as long as he can. He will go kicking and screaming late into the night.